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We started our business in 1984 as a local supplier of raw forging with the name of Al-Siddique Surgical Works located at daska. It was founded by Muhammad Yousaf & brothers. In period of six years our company worked diligently and ultimately succeeded in the creation of good will in the domestic market.

With the passage of time Al-Siddique Surgical Works flourished and make development in his professional field by using the modern techniques & hi tech machines and skilled man power.

Company continued to progress and due to further increase in demand of its products it was decided to introduce our products in international market in this regard kami international was established by Muhammad Yaqub In 1994 located at Sialkot as a manufacturer and exporter of best quality Surgical, Dental Instruments and Scissors of all sorts.

Kami, s forging unit (Al-Siddique Surgical Works) is still working as a backbone of our company to maintain the high quality and ever increasing demand of Kami, s instruments around the globe.

Over the past one decade, Kami international has substantiated itself as the largest and most respected manufacturer/exporter of hand-held, non-powered surgical instruments in Pakistan.
Unique to its similitude, Kami, s instruments promises the finest instrument tailored by master craftsmen, and backed by high-tech machines. Kami, s instruments undergo a series of rigidly accurate parental inspections to ensure quality control according to the standards set forth by FDA. Quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2000, CGMP and CE Certificate are assertions offering firsthand authentication of the fact that people at Kami international leave no stone unturned to ascertain the unparalleled quality of each product that rolls-out of the production facility.
We relentlessly strive to research latest manufacturing procedures using the latest technology and achieve the highest levels of performance for customers who always aspire for high standards of products and services. We therefore are in the continuous pursuit of exceeding customer expectations, all because we know our success comes from customer satisfaction.
In today's demanding and evolving healthcare environment, investing in Kami international  instruments is a smart move to maintain standards of quality, control cost and add value to patient care.

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